From Career Stuck to Career Star!

L3 Coaching Solutions - Career Development Advance program is here to assist professionals, students and others in transition by helping to clarify their career interests and goals by: coaching them through the exploration process of interests, skills, motivations and personal values to lead to informed decisions about new careers or business ownership; educating our clients about the new world of career opportunities and possibilities.  In this new age of high excellence the outcomes have to be well crafted, creatively imaginative and quickly actionable.  Now the tides have shifted from big business pushing down on the little guy and the internet has opened up vast opportunities for the entrepreneurs with the vision and decision.  At what level do you dream?  Where do you want to be?  Our ultimate aim is to empower you to understand your capabilities and develop competent decision making skills for a renewed energy to pursue your life long aspirations. Loosen up and let's get back to our true self and become unstoppable!

We have crafted some powerful training programs for your development.  Career oriented and created to give you the best chance to engage your inner "career seeker."  Our programs are very flexible and go where you go.  Always available at the time that is convenient for you.  In our initial offerings we have posted up 3 informative training seminars that are designed to get you to think a little differently.  Only 2 are available here.  For the more advanced masters course just contact us and we will provide details of our next training session.  Some may quickly absorb these principles and others may find it advanced.  No matter this is your journey, you set the pace.  

Get Your Career In Gear = This seminar was designed to address local job conditions that saw many people being laid off and furloughed.  The economy struggles to stay strong yet, the US government could not agree on a budget and it directly impacted many workers in this local area.  This seminar was timely and focused on how do you feel about the current issues, what do you think will happen in the future and what are you preparing yourself to do about it?

What Are You Great At? = This was a part 2 of another career oriented seminar.  In this one we directly focus on strengths within you.  We take you away from complaining about why you can't do this and that, you are capable of doing great things if you can identify what abilities you have.  Look at what are you good at.  What do you like to do most of the time?  Really dig inside and bring the best of who you are out.  This is a great catalyst to discovering why things may not have gone well in the past.  Now, they can only get better.  More to come...

Advanced H.E.R.O. Course = Advanced Masters training course for those looking to dig deep and learn how to raise they level of success to be the Black Belt of their business.  We creatively have developed engagement in the areas of "Happiness, Habits, Influence and Im-possible."  This program will challenge you to be the true you and leave the fear of failure or success behind.  If you are interested in advancing beyond the business, releasing the unlimited talent pool within you then we welcome you to our 5 week masters course for high excellence.  This option is for you.  Contact us for more details.

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