Some Services & Trainings Offered...

ASSESSMENTS - Understand the exploratory process and find out where you are and perhaps who you are. May get some clarity from probing toward unleashing the true self. Here is just one example of a personality assessment. O.C.E.A.N.

RESEARCH - It is invaluable to take the time and do a bit of research to learn about prospective companies that you would like to work for or have been asked to interview with. Here's a good place to start GLASSDOOR

RESUMES - The only way a prospective employer will know you have an interest to work with them is by creating an amazing timeline of your knowledge, skills, experiences and education. Commonly called the "resume" or "curriculum vitae" (CV) on the international stage. We can assist you in creating the best brand of yourself while appealing to the respective company in the specific region around the globe you are looking to work.  There are vast differences in what is allowed on a resume between the east and the west.  There are noticeable differences in the format of a resume submitted to a company in America and a company in Singapore.  Not only do you need to know what is appropriate and more attractive, you will need to know what is relevant and all the new HR buzz words for catching the eye of the potential employer.  We have access to a large network of career specialist all over the globe.  If you are interested in working in Iceland or Botswana, we can help.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT - Who do you think you are?  What do you want others to think about you?  This is critical when you are entering into the digital world we live in.  So many employers now will research you online before even setting up an interview just to see if your "brand" will be the right fit.  Let us help you with your brand.  We bring you alive and current, making what you showcase the best of who you are and more importantly what the employer is looking for.  

NETWORKING - At the start of your career, during your career and well after your first career this is the most valuable thing to know and do well; Networking.  Have you heard, "It's not what you know it's who you know that counts."  See the article "Hands-Down the best way to land your dream job"

INTERVIEW ETIQUETTE - We will prepare you for job offer and acceptance.  How would you like to be so prepared that you practically have an offer before shaking the hand of the interviewer.  Try this first... 20 Questions

COACHING - It's all here on the site.  Or you can visit L3 ProCoach as well as the website to the book, "8 Ways to be 10x Better."