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Sometimes we wonder why we would take ajob and soon find out that it wasn’t what we thought. Or we might just be entering the job market, fresh out of college and need a bit of guidance on how to navigate in the "real" world. Well, at L3 Coaching Solutions (Career Design) we are in position to ensure you have the right tools and support to enter this new phase in your life, transition or promotion with confidence and inspiration. Here in the foyer of our company site you will find a wealth of useful information leading to more in depth career knowledge presented behind career opportunity doors. We are excited to be the solutions company of your choice. Our support extends well beyond the solution. Think of us as your career evolution specialists. As you grow we make our resources available to you all along the way.

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As we are aware the times of secure employment with the US government, traditional companies and concepts have become an unreliable option for many. Of course it is not strange to find there are some that have worked for 40 years at the same company. Times of old in the industrial age many families found themselves with the great opportunity to have work in the same factory, many at the same time. Fast forward a few decades and we find in the information age more employers looking for less on the job training and more applicants what we call "ready-to-roll". This has changed rapidly in the new era. And the career development industry must prepare the labor force to be their best.

With initiatives like Workforce 2020 and Department of Labor monitoring statistics in their occupational outlook handbook for the trends between 2009 and 2020. They are monitoring the types of jobs, the types of career choices most individuals are making. We stay current on the most common trends and yet our main focus is to know the next trend before it arrives. Do you think you would be competitive in 2020 with a 2013 education? Same applies to our standards of operation. We must understand today's trends in order to develop advanced programs to ensure our team members graduate ahead of their competition. This is the method of operation at L3 Coaching Solutions. With our advanced assessment techniques we will conduct a complimentary session in order to see if we are the right fit for your needs before we discuss any enrollment to all potential clients. This assessment is normally verbal conducted during an intake process by one of our coaches or Sr Staff. No need to feel lost in these times of uncertainty with the economy. We are here to help. With our vast variety of experts in house and in the field, you have our commitment to ensure your satisfaction throughout the solutions process. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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Here is a presentation that will show you how to re-invent yourself and attract the TOP jobs. More importantly, the right jobs for you.

This one will give you an entertaining yet informative way to construct a new fresh way to attract the career you want.

Even though the stats cover up to 2009, we continue to have the same results from 2009 trending to 2020. This range is critical in the future workplace. You may have noticed the highlighted attention to the new workplace manager. In this new era one will need to be very in-tune to the generational spread within the office. By 2020 you will have Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y/Millennials & Gen 2020 to manage all in a normal work day. Are you ready?

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